2 min readApr 11, 2022

Young Man: Feeling Stuck? Read This

They don’t teach you these in schools…

Photo by Nik Shuliahin From Unsplash

Yeah, I get it.

And I know it’s frustrating. Big time.

You are trying to do your very best and you still hit the brick walls.

It’s like everything doesn't work in your favour.

Pretty discouraging, right?

But, wait… Listen to me very carefully.

We all have bad days, we all hit our rock bottoms and we all experience turmoils. You are not alone.

The difference comes in how we react and choose to move on from our turbulences. That’s a distinguishing factor.

Feeling stuck? In life? do the following and all of your worries will disappear. Guaranteed.

Hit The Gym 5x A Week

Firstly, I have to say this, most of our modern-day problems would be easily disappeared once we will start prioritizing workouts more than anything else. Are you honestly going to argue about that?

I am certain you don’t.

Look, let me tell you this, hitting the gym frequently is how you can kill your inner demons, build your confidence and regain your focus quickly. This is not debatable.

I have seen countless people who get stuck before rising up to greater heights after they started lifting weights.

Quit Watching The News

I have said this before and I will say it again that... I feel sorry for people who watch the news every day. You gotta Unplug from a state of living in a constant state of anxiety, fear and uncertainty.

The best thing to regain your focus and productivity is to unplug from watching the news. I have transformed my entire life since I made that pretty decision. And So can you.

Quit Hanging With Toxic People

Hear me out on this one, don’t lower your standards for anyone. They can step up or step out. Full stop.

Sometimes the reason you feel stuck in life is that you have been entertaining toxic people and they have been manipulating you in a very dramatic fashion. Kick them out.

Develop solitude and build your life solo. Cut off unnecessary noises and always associate yourself with winners. This is how you become unstoppable.

Develop A Delay Gratification Mentality

Let me be clear about something first… The reason why countless people on the planet get stuck nowadays is because everyone wants everything now. It doesn’t work that way!

You gotta embrace the boredom of consistency, do the hard work and always play the long term game. This will strengthen your subconscious mind and you will always embrace and trust the entire process.

Good things take time to happen, and once you have a short term mindset you will always get frustrated and feel stuck. Be different, stay persistent.


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