You are Sucking At Dating Because You Don’t Know How To Apologize

This is How it gets done…

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Apologizing doesn’t mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means you value your relationship more than your ego.


Like am always keep on saying this, All relationship out there go through hell, real relationship get through it.

The grass is not always greener when it comes to being in a relationship with someone. You should absolutely expect a roll coaster ride. He/she is going to mess up a lot. And you will always do as well. Guaranteed.

The only thing that will save your relationship will be the way how you respond and comeback from your mistakes.

You need to master the art of apology. It’s a must have tool in your arsenal. If you have zero skill on it, expect sufferings. End of discussions.

I will just say this. And it’s all I will say that, Most of modern day relationships are heads underwater and are in a very seriously disturbances simply because partners have an acute shortage of this discipline of apology.

And believe me, 99% of all break ups on the surface of this planet could be easily avoided if lovers were some competence oh how to apologize.

Okay, Let’s go straight to our main point of discussion..

Here are some 5 Steps on How To Apologize an Save your relationships

1. Express Sorrow

This is a very important part, you should always express your sorrow like

Baby, I am sorry..

When you will do this, it will make your partner calm down and listen to you in a very attentively manner for your further points.

2. Own Guilt

This is where most people missing a point. You should absolutely own guilty if you would like your partner to come into terms with you and keep open the new chapter.

I was wrong…

I made a mistake..

You see? when you own a guilt it adds up something in there, it means you fully accepting the responsibility for your mistakes.

3. Name Specific Wrongs

Like the title says, you should start mentioning those stuffs that made your partner upset.

Once you mention it will send a message to his/her subconscious mind that you have recognize your flaws and it won’t happen again

I did X and Z…

4. Name Impact

Naming impact is very importantly like I said, because it will still make him/her understanding that you have well recognized your mistakes and you are now ready to change.

I hurt you when I said….

I disturbed your peace of mind with this one..

5. Make A Promise

Your all apology mission are nothing if you won’t make a promise to your partner. You should absolutely do that.

He/she needs to get assured that the mistake won’t happen ever again and your ready to change. For the better.

I’m going to be a new person full of discipline…

I from now will start be home on time…

I promise you am going to quit smoking immediately..

To Wind Up:

As a relationship expert I am always keep on telling couples that beg an apology to your partner is not a sign of a weakness at all, when you do so you absolutely take your relationship to the next better level.

You should always apologize and let other mediocre men and women keep suffering on their dating lives due to their unlimited ego.



A Relationship Expert I give practical advices on self-improvement, self-awareness and Business.

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A Relationship Expert I give practical advices on self-improvement, self-awareness and Business.