The 3 “DON’T” Of 2022

2 min readMar 29, 2022

This is how you protect your energy.

Photo by Geran De Clerk From Unsplash

I get it…

It’s frustrating.

To live the entire 365 days with a boring lifestyle.

Having a bunch of people around who have zero benefits to your self-growth.

Constantly getting distracted with pop culture.

It’s pretty scary!

And let me tell you this…

This living thing is pointless if you always live your life in an easy mode.

Live was never meant to be dull. You gotta flourish and achieve your wildest dreams.

That is not debatable.

But how do you stay out of the equation and make some major moves?

How do you decode the matrix and live a very meaningful life?

It’s pretty confusing, right?

And what if I tell you that this article has got all you need?

Would you believe me? If you said yes, fine.

To have a meaningful life you gotta master the basics. You have to do what the 90% are not doing.

And here are the 5 DON’T of 2022.

People Pleasing Habits

It still amazes me to see we have a bunch of people out there still are still slaves when it comes to this. Their people-pleasing cycle ends up destabilising their self-images and leaving them with a confidence crisis.

And now look, people-pleasing will always leave you:

  • Tapped
  • Unfulfilled
  • Resentful
  • Conflicted
  • Frustrated

Is it worth it? UNPLUG.

Bad Company

I have said it once and I will say it again, you can fuck your whole life up just by hanging out with people with no goals or ambitions. This is not even up for debate.

You need to avoid these toxic friends like plague. You have to pick a company that will elevate your life exponentially. Your private conversation with your friends should be about

  • investing
  • Business
  • Fitness
  • Personal development

Quit entertaining useless topics and trends that have zero ROI to your self-growth.

Instant Gratification

Are you seriously going to argue about that? I hope you won’t. Having a long term mindset over short term pleasure should be your main focus in 2022. You gotta be someone who plays the game long term.

While others quit after a few days of work, you just need to embrace the boredom of consistency. Show up every day and do the required work. Always have long term thinking in whatever you doing and get ready to pay the price of greatness.




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