Society’s game plan is BROKEN: Here is why..

And How To break the circle.

The society’s game plan is broken
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Living in a 21 century has been a roller coaster ride. Everything seems to move anti-clockwise. Chaos, left and center! If you are not mentally stable you will easily crushed away.

It’s like things are not in proper order, everything is against your progression. Not the government, peers and society itself. We will talk about other stuff later on, but for now let’s deeply put much on society. Yes, society. I said that.

Like I said before, the society’s game plan is totally broken. Once you follow it’s normal routine, you have gone. Totally! This article is a wake up call on why the system is broken and what you can do to break the circle.

I will go straight to my main points explaining why the society’s game plan is broken. Here is why:

We are living in a moment where society’s still keep praising the outdated educational system. We still studying stuff that most can’t work in the real world. Sad but true. Try to think about this stuffs for a moment

Archimedes Principles


Slave trade

These stuff are still keep praised by society’s but they can’t have any massive impact on your personal development. What if they could start embracing stuff like

Personal finance

Emotional intelligence

How to invest your money

Mental health and balanced life

It would be so much better, right? So now you got my point. Zero game plan.

Why out? simple. Educate yourself, start learning what they doesn’t want you to know. YouTube is there, no excuses. You can learn whatever you want in you finger tips. This is how you break the system.

Again, this shows how and why the society’s game plan is broken. It glorifies instant gratification over the delayed ones. Created a want now mentality which makes you wanting quick results without proper foundations.

If two guys have $1000 each, the one who go to vacation looking is winning in life and the one who invested it looks like he/she is struggling. That’s your society’s mindset and stereotype. No wonder we have many folks struggling to have their lives figured out due to wanting now mentality which leaves them miserable.

My message to you is this, break that circle. Start playing long term games. Believe in long term mindset, there is no shortcut to any place worth going. Let the society’s think you are losing and it will be worth it in the end.

The praise of fast foods in modern day society’s is unexplainable, to be honest. We have fast food shops and store after every 200m! This is dangerous. People are not praising raw and organic foods anymore. Think of streets in New York, it’s horrible.

End results? Obesity, Low mood and heart attacks. Sorry to burst your bubble, that’s a reality. You need to go in other direction if you want to prosper. There is no in between, fella!

Cancel fast foods, eat real ones and see how amazing you can be.

If I am going to ask you, do you remember the last time your society put much emphasis on Gym and other workouts like it do for other stuffs, I am pretty sure you are going to shut up!

And that’s why am saying it’s game plan is broken, once you stay and wait for a wake up call, it will kill your potential. You have to be self responsible to break this pattern. Find a local Gym in your place, show up everyday there. Let mediocre men and women play keep on playing with their health. This is how you get ahead in life. Stop waiting for the society’s wake up call, it will simply never happen. Society has clearly no proper game plan for your advancement. I can’t stress this enough.

It’s horrible, man! Society has created a worst dating behavior. It embraced the slaying culture. Gils are not women and boys are not men. Guys are just dating for vibes, there is no really set of plans to advance in life. And society is pretty okay with that, Uhh!

I said boys are not men simply because society’s created many boys than men. They are not jacked and organized, Pretty much softer, they all finding cheap dopamine online. How can dating be more matured? impossible.

Break that circle immediately. Pick yourself a good partner and step in as a matured person.

I could keep on showing you how the broken society’s game plan is, but with those few stuffs I hope you get the idea what am trying to stress about. My clear message to you is pretty simple. Rebel

Just do the opposite what has been praised by the society. For that you will be in a very nice zone and live an interesting life than blindly following the crowds. Like they always say: Better to be alone than being in a bad company.



A Relationship Expert I give practical advices on self-improvement, self-awareness and Business.

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A Relationship Expert I give practical advices on self-improvement, self-awareness and Business.