How to Make Him Want You More Than His Girlfriend

4 min readOct 8, 2021

5 Secrets the Relationship experts don’t want you to know..

How to make him want you more than his girlfriend
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I have seen pretty beautifully women out there constantly struggling to fix some minor issues in their lives which in reality could be fixed within a few seconds.

It happens a woman found a very handsomely man and all of a sudden she wants to risk it all and during her mission she came to know that the man is in a relationship already. A woman started to feel depressed inside, with no other hope. It hurts!

But what if I told you this:

It’s completely possible to change the game and have a chance to that man.

Would you believe me? If you do, then fine.

I’m going to give you those A1 strategies to have him want you more than his girlfriend. There is no way you can fail with these.

5 tips on how to make him want you more than his girlfriend

1. Be Ready To Risk It All

Going to be brutally honest, if you are not ready to risk it all then you might not have a chance, maybe a bit lucky. You have to go the extra mile here, he is already under someone so if you can’t go all in then I don’t have many words to tell you.

To succeed in anything you need a sheer commitment and mamba mentality. You need those qualities here. Your goal is to bring him totally under your dominance and the only way is to step aside from your comfort zone and do the work required. There is no on between. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s the truth.

Take a risk or lose that chance. With risk, you will start to embrace getting being uncomfortable much of the time in order to win him. You will have to cross that line a bit all because to have him. You don’t settle for less here.

2. Show Him That You Have Standards

This may sound unusual but it’s absolutely true. Men love women who always have a set of standards in place and I always keep on saying this. You just need to have your own codes. This is how he can be attracted to your side.

Wanting to have him doesn’t mean you should lower the bar, No. That will be a very first-class mistake. Whenever you get a chance to talk with him let him notice that you are someone with standards that makes you amazing as a woman.

Let him know what you need and don’t for a partner. This will be a clear message to him that you must have been in his life permanently.

3. Up your eye contact game

Did you say that you want him to want you more than his girlfriend? and what if I told you that, constantly maintaining eye contact might be the clear solution? Would you believe me? I hope you do.

Okay, start applying this from now on. Look him bold and confidently to his damn eyes. This is how you clearly send a statement to his subconscious mind that he is much needed in your life.

Men really feel exposed when a woman succeeds to do this and they always tend to be submissive once you present your wishes with this strategy.

How to Make Him Want You More Than His Girlfriend-Eye contact
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4. Kill Him with those dresses

I might be giving you hundreds of strategies here but trust me, If your dressing game is zero, then that mission is nearly impossible.

You have to up your dressing game, girl! Don’t listen to those who keep on saying we should not judge a book by its cover. We are pretty much doing it here.

Always stay on point, be smart and make sure you don’t complicate your dressing stuff. Once you complicate you will automatically lose confidence and once he noticed he won’t give you the attention you were supposed to get needed.

Men always feel proud to have been close with a woman who is in her highest level of beauty. A woman who is well dressed and always knows to match her clothes. This feeling is unsurpassed.

If you know how to appear smart no way to ask how to make him want you more than his girlfriend. He will automatically do. I can’t stress this enough.

5. Make Sure You Have Her Details

Yes, you should. If you are expecting to win a battle without knowing your opponent’s important details then I have very bad news for you. You simply won’t. Yeah, I said it. You can read that again.

Am pretty sure you really want to have him permanently in your life but here is a little piece of advice to you: Make sure you know your opponent (His Girlfriend). Once you understand his partner then the battle is half won.

From there you can come up with some solid love game plan strategies 10x than his girlfriend. You are just capitalizing on her weaknesses. This will give you a very unfair advantage and it will be much easier for him to want you more than her girlfriend. I hope that helps!


Being in a competition over a man is something very challenging if am going to be honest with you. Here you are trying to shift someone who might not be easily shifted. You might experience a lot of emotional disturbances and so many other feelings on the way.

My message to you is very simple. Do your best and see what might happen. If it will be more than hard then pose and chill. You might get someone who is not dominated.




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