How To Make a Man Fall Deeply in Love with You (10 Sneaky Ways)

9 min readSep 6, 2021
How To Make a Man Fall Deeply in Love with you
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You might have probably asking yourself this question everyday

“How to make a man fall deeply in love with you?”.

With break ups and divorces being so high in this Post industrial revolution era

Having a solid relationship seems to be more than harder.

Bob Dylan was pretty right; the times are changing.

It has been easier to land the man on a mars than keep your partner 100% committed in the relationship.

Sounds funny but it’s true, right?

Okay, this article is for those who are really looking to keep their men and make sure they deeply fall in love with them until they are both old enough to the point of wearing pajamas all day!

As someone with experience in this field, I am going to show some key points you need to consider to win all of your partner’s attention at all circumstances and get desired reciprocals.

This article has all the tools you need to have in your arsenal against him. Once you have the courage to implement them, game over.

You have won him. He can do whatever you like. Zero excuses.

Let’s get started by looking them in details. Trust me, these stuffs really work. Ask anyone who is in deeply love, will tell you the same stuff.

1. Quality Times Together

Let me tell you this first, If you want a man to fall deeply in love with you, you should never underestimate the aspect of having quality times together.

You might probably wonder and ask yourself

What is that?

How can I do that?

My response to you is very straight. It’s not a rocket science, I’m just talking about those simple stuffs which have highest ROI to any relationship.

Things like swimming together, partying, hiking and vacation are priceless to any man on the planet.

This how you make your boyfriend fall in love with you. Embrace these stuffs, try to have them with your boyfriend. You will be all over his head.

The problem with women when they hear about quality time they think of a thousands of dollars stuffs. No, that is not true. You just do what you can with what you have with your boyfriend.

Men always feel good when someone be there for them and cherish those moments together.

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2. Always Upgrading Yourself

I have said this before and I will say that again here:

“If you can’t find excellence in whatever you are doing. Someone will easily overtaking you”

Long story short here. Get better, every single day. This is how men want to any woman. Yes girl. You have to upgrade every single piece of your life

  • Hit the gym for a very nice body and better posture
  • Read a lot of books for mental clarity and awareness
  • Practice mediation for calmness of mind and thought’s structure

These are what makes a man fall deeply in love with any woman. Most men miss these from their girlfriends.

They are in the same zone for ages. No any progress. It doesn’t work like that. You have to be a center of excellency.

No any man will not be impressed with such kind of transformations. I can guarantee you that.

How To Make a Man Fall Deeply in Love with you-Upgrade yourself
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3. Keep Your Standards High

Let me be clear about something first, we are not talking about bragging here. You should NOT. Relationship aren’t picture perfect, remember that always.

What I’m trying to say here is this, You should set the bar for love. To be more specific you should not too easily accept less than you deserve.

Create a clear structure for him to understand that you are a person of higher value that should be protected. This is how you can win at your boyfriend.

Why accepting to be easily taken for granted while you can be amazing?

Why are you easily available to him every time?

That couldn’t be me.

Don’t set low parameters for him. He will easily take you for granted.

Let me tell you this for free, once you set no standard you will make him believe that you will never leave him, hence he will lose motivation.

And you know what happen when he loses motivation? Game over. You are going to struggle.

4. Don’t be Afraid To Disagree With Him

I will explain this since most can’t comprehend.

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. But how you handle it can make you loose or gain value to him.

Like I said before, Relationships aren’t picture perfect. Conflicts and misunderstandings are just a part and parcel of any love story. Ask anyone! Even Jay and Queen B.

Just because you really want your man to deeply fall in love with you, doesn’t mean you have to be a Yes Men kinda woman! That will be your downfall.

As someone with much experience in love affairs, men don’t like a woman who agrees at everything. Just be honesty. If he is wrong at something just say to him straight like:

“Yoh! this is not what I would like to see. You are better than that”

The most important thing to consider however is learning to disagree intelligently. A win to win situation in other words.

If you will be afraid to disagree with your boyfriend that means honesty will disappear very soon.


5. Regular Romantic Texts

Is texting each other important in a relationship?

Unfortunately, for a lot of people it isn’t.

Pretty scary!

Speaking as someone with experience, just do the opposite. Text that man. It works 100%. Better to be alone than following the crowds, you might end up being lost.

How to make a man fall deeply in love with you over text?. If you don’t text him on a regular basis others will fill the void you have left empty.

It’s that simple. Don’t be too old school, embrace the use of technology in bringing positive vibes to your love.

It’s not a rocket science, texting each other increases the strength and power of a relationship and make your man to fall deeply in love with you.

Some people missing big point here, we are not say you should text him after every 10 seconds, hell NO. Like I have said, it has to be regular and reasonably 5 to 6 times a day it is not pretty bad, is it?

Listen, you can just share videos and photos of yours and the conversations will start from there.

What you should today is this, your man is your best friend, your closely partner and soon your husband. Who knows, you people might end in marriage ceremony!

6. Be a Person He can Trust

If you figure it out how to make your boyfriend fall in love with you then trust is must. Yeah, be a person he can fully trust. Gaining trust is kinda process, needs patience and self control but you have to.

You have to develop those traits that will make your man to start trusting you 100%. As a coach in this field, I can tell you one thing, Men deeply gives their love to a person who they really trust. Trust makes them to feel very secured.

You develop trust by believing that your partner has best intention, you trust one another with your feelings by supporting him in difficult time. By showing him that you really care automatically you can have his fully trust and guess what? Deep love.

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7. Don’t be Too Emotional

I have said it before and I will say it again here, If you are too emotional then relationship is clearly not for you. Full stop.

He is going to mess up. Guaranteed. Possibly more than once.

Are you getting hungry easily? are you easily get bored when your man come lately? are you easily crying when you see your man talk with his phone somewhere?. You are going to have a very difficulty ride.

I’m not saying you should have a bullet proof heart, No. What I am trying to say here is, you have to deal with him like a human being and not a robot. Mistakes are expected to occur since he is not an angel. Just be fair and balanced.

8. Occasionally Surprise Him With Sex

This really works like magic, ask anyone on this planet. Just try to think about this for a moment:

You are sitting on the sofa together halfway through the fifth episode of Empire then all of a suddenly boom!! Sounds really nice, yah?.

Don’t be too old school when it comes to this, it can happen anywhere at anytime as long as there is valid space.

Let’s be realistic here, a relationship in which the partners are attracted to one another and have regular sex is really strong because sex makes all the other things easier to deal with.

So sex is what makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman. However you should have other components like respect, personality and shared value as well.

9. Embrace Privacy

You will never keep any man on this planet if you constantly expose your stuff out there. You just can’t. It doesn’t work like that.

As a relationship coach I can tell you this for free, men don’t like women who are constantly show off.

If you want the man to be obsessed with you, just stay low key. Respect privacy. Your thoughts should be about enjoying with him and not impressing strangers with personal info.

Are you posting every single moment of you?

Are you constantly share some of your partners stuffs with your peers?

Are you constantly trying to impress strangers on social media?

Well. You are going to have a very rough ride with that relation.

Privacy is super power. Keep your privacy off social media and your relationship stuff out of public, always remember this concept, it’s not marketing. It’s love.

With privacy you can make your man fall deeply in love with you. I can guarantee you that.

10. Just Don’t Be fake

The most common problem we have in the 21 century is people being fake. A one person happen to have many faces at the same time. This is our common problem at the moment

You know what? just be real. Let him decide if he will keep on with that. Don’t pretend, Call a spade a spade. He has to know your really true color. No fake zone.

Men always decided to cheat on their girlfriends due to this, they are all fake. If you want to stand out just do the opposite

You don’t like his behavior? tell him straight, like yo man this is not

You don’t like his game? also tell him

Don’t sugarcoat stuffs.

By being bold and directly he will start seeing you as his leader eventually will Fall Deeply in Love with you. That’s how you win the game.


We have tried to explain in detail on how you can be deeply loved with your man. So many points there but I have to be honest with you here, You just try to do your best and see what will happen but don’t sacrifice your peace of mind for forcing out things very much.

If he wants will do what is required, if he doesn’t then fine the grass is greener on the other side. Don’t allow him to use your initiative as a yard stick of seeing you as valueless.


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