How They Demoralise A Population In 4 Simple Ways

4 min readFeb 15, 2022

They Don’t Want You To Know This…

How They Demoralise A Population
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Living in the modern world has become a real hustle. We are a part of a generation that is filled with emotionally and physically turbulence.

The number of people living in an easy mode is staggering.

Am I hungry? NO.

Just close your beautiful eyes and picture this.

How many people are living a life of mess? How many fellas are living with a low mood and depressive state? How about divorce rates?

Countless, right?

I rest my case.

Like I am always saying, the best way to beat the system is to effectively learn how it is operating. Those who understood this paradox are all free, their lives are filled with positivity and higher vibrations.

And for those who are unaware of what the system is doing to them, they are living the life of turbulences. We need to change that, right NOW.

To be free is to understand how the system works against you and how it is designed to corrupt your morals and make you hopeless. The sooner you understand the better.

4 Tips How They Demoralise A Population

Okay, long story short, here is how they demoralise the population and make you weak.

1. They Make All News Negative

There is a whole generation out there that don’t even realise that the news is designed to make them sad and hopeless in life. Everything they publish is about to make you unstable.

If you want to get your entire life back in order the first thing you need to do is to ignore the news and focus on your own personal mission. I feel very sorry for people who like watching the news.

Do you really want to live a life free from anxiety, fear and emotional traumas? If you said yes, stop watching the news. Do yourself a favour and turn that shit off.

2. Easy Access To Watching Porn

The number of people that have their souls keeps on being damaged by porn is astonishing. Porn addiction has become a serious pandemic in this modern world.

We are at a time where watching porn has become too easy, a second. They have simplified the whole process, and guess what they have won. Globally porn is a $97 billion industry. Pretty scary.

Porn addiction has turned countless men into boys, killed their masculinity calvary and emotional competence. It robs their energy and makes them easier to be controlled, by women.

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3. They Make Junk Food Too Cheap

The number of populations that are easily consumed these canned foods on a daily basis is astonishing. We have become an easy target for junk foods. Our mental and physical health is at an all-time risk than ever before.

Junk foods turned us into modern-day zombies. Obesity and depression have become an order of the day. The pharmaceutical industry has been making tens of thousands of dollars at the expense of our health. Scary!

Listen, your health is your responsibility. Don’t follow the masses when it comes to how you treat your nutrition. Health healthy, stay hydrated and above all stay away from junk foods. The sooner the better.

How They Demoralise A Population through junk food
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4. They Make Going To The Gym uninspiring

Do you still ask yourself why countless people on the planet keep living miserable lives, out of shape and low energy? If you do then let me give you a straight answer, they don’t work out.

Look, According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 19.3 per cent of the U.S. population was engaged in sports and exercise each day. This number is very low. More than 80% are living in complacency and you won’t even hear some initiatives to solve the matter. Sad.

The only way to decode this matrix is very simple, find yourself a very nice local Gym and start lifting weights. If done frequently you will transform your entire life in a very positive trajectory. I can guarantee you that.


Society’s game plan is just BROKEN, it wants you to be depressed, unorganized and fat. If you want to live a meaningful life then you need to do the opposite. Develop positive habits and follow them unapologetically. That’s how you become unstoppable.




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