Here Are The 5 Secrets The 1% Won’t Tell you.

4 min readFeb 18, 2022

It’s Way Different Than Before…

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In a world of about 7.9 billion people, we have more than 99% who have been doing the same thing for ages, they are always in complacency and feel comfortable with their zone.

Am I looking like I have jealous? NO

Just look around, open your damn beautiful eyes and look at the majority of the population (The 99%).

They always feel stuck, disorganized and they have always been manipulated by the system.

And then you have the 1% of a population which always vibrate at high frequency, embrace the fear of the unknown and live the life of abundance.

Have you spotted the difference?

I rest my case.

The reason why we have such huge differences it’s because 99% have been lacking X-factors to be outstanding in this modern world. The 1% have got the keys and they remain completely silent.

To belong to their class you need to unlock their core secrets and do what they doing. Confusing, right?

Fear not, this article is going to give you all the secrets that you have been not given access to them.

The 5 Secrets The 1% Won’t Tell You.

1. The 9–5 Won’t Make You Rich

Yes, you have read it right. Your job will never make you rich. The sooner you discover this the better. You must have multiple streams of income if you want financial peace, otherwise, you're going to struggle.

Listen, you don’t need to jump and quit the job you just have to use it as leverage in creating financial peace. Invest a portion of your salary, learn digital marketing and Amazon FBA and above all stay out of debts.

It took me over 542 days to discover this secret, since then I began to invest my hard earn money into courses and assets and I am now making passive income on autopilot. I am easily making $2k monthly from Affiliate Marketing. You too can do the same with this course here.

2. Live Below Your Means

I just saw a quote that said “Give everyone a million bucks and most would be broke in 2 years” it’s very accurate.

We are living in a society that has zero discipline when it comes to money management. Financial literacy is at an all-time low than at any other time in history. No discipline, at all.

If you really want to decode the matrix and jump to 1% you absolutely need to change your perception of money. Knowing how to get it is not enough, you got to learn how to keep it and multiply it and the best way is to live below your means. I can’t stress this enough.

The 5 Secrets The 1% Won’t Tell you.
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3. No One Is Coming To Save You

One pattern I have noticed from the 1% is that they always take full control of their destinies. They blame no one, they just take total responsibility for their lives AND ACTIONS.

Your entire life will start to move in a positive trajectory the day you will wake up and realize that no one is coming to save you, not the government, your family or friends. It’s just You Vs You. Read that again, please.

It baffles me to see countless people on the planet keep complaining about their miserable lives while they should accept responsibility and get busy fixing their broken pieces. Be different.

4. Perfection Just Doesn’t Exist

What the 1% didn’t tell you is that you should never wait for perfection to start something meaningful. Perfection is an enemy of progress, those who keep waiting for it always end up losing.

Got a business idea? Just execute

Wanna start a podcast? Just start

You are going to be ahead of 99% of people on the planet once you will start to execute your ideas fearlessly without waiting for perfection. You will never be ready, just start and you will figure out how as you progress. Make sense?

The 5 Secrets The 1% Won’t Tell you.
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5. Taking Risky Is Sexy

The 1% always won’t tell you this but trust me is the name of the game when it comes to being in their league. You gotta take calculated risks unapologetically and fearlessly. That’s how you can beat the odds. Nothing less nothing more.

Quit sitting on the sidelines and wait for luck to happen, get your hands dirty and take that risk. Complacency is the kiss to death. Unplug

“If you scared to take a chance, how the fuck we gonna get rich”

J cole.




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