Dating Is A Risk. This is What You Need To Do.

3 min readFeb 7, 2022

And it’s disgusting…

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Look, dating is a risk. Everyone you date will not end up being the love of your life, but you likely won’t find that person without dating & actually investing time and emotions.

To be out of trouble you should at least have some kind of awareness needed to put the odds in your favour. I have seen countless people struggling with their dating lives and I found they miss a very important part.

Do you know which part? Okay, well this article has got you covered.

I am going to give you 3 major important components you need to consider so that you can minimize the risk and at least put the odds in your favour. These strategies helped countless clients I have worked with.

Emotionally Intelligence Matters

Jumping straight with your two feet and deciding to date someone without prior consideration about his/her emotional maturity is like tasting dangerous water with your two feet. You can’t win. I can guarantee you that.

You just have to consider this aspect. Look how he/she handle conflicts, what he/she says when angry, how humble that person is. These aspects will give you a nice picture of what the entire game is going to be. Few will understand this.

The message is very simple here, make sure you find someone who is emotionally mature, has enough respect for your feelings and will always make decisions with a calm mindset. It will get you very far in life.

Pay Attention To Details

Those who kept overlooking this always end up suffering. Once you decide to date someone you should always pay attention to a lot of details from him/her.

How does she/he respond to your calls, the way she/he give you access to his/her world, Your opinions? does he/she consider them? Are you getting enough ears from him/her? These might seem normal but trust me, they matter most in dating.

Ignoring these red flags will always cost your mental health and you will start to experience some toxic treatments which you could easily avoid. Be a master when it comes to paying attention to details. You will be unstoppable.

Commitment Is Non-negotiable

Listen, the relationship is not all about sunshine and rainbow. The one you are about to make love with is going to mess up a lot and you as well. Guaranteed.

Having someone who has thick skin is what you really need to keep in mind whenever you really want to commit for the long term. Tie a knot with someone who will always be ready to stay with you even in scary hours. The one who can jump oceans for you and leave alone who always playing the victim mindset. You deserve better.

“There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it when it’s convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses. Only results.”

Ken Blanchard

Final Thoughts

Dating is a risk, yes. But being a risk game doesn’t have to stop you and make you sit on the sidelines. You really have to step in out there, find someone and see if you can have something meaningful together. That’s how the game has been played.




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