6 Ways How To Keep Him Interested In A Long Distance Relationship

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This is how you win the game…

How to keep him interested long distance Relationship
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Speaking on how to keep him interested in a long distance relationship

You will constantly hear a lot of people saying that long distance relationships are not mean to last.

So there is no any point of spending time and energy trying make it work,

And I also have been getting a lot of questions about long distance relationship recently, like

Hello jay, can long distance relationships work?

How can I make my partner constantly thinking about me in a LDR?

What are the best secrets to have a great long distance relationship?

People seem to be very confused.


Here is my expertise response:

To all long distance relationship couples out there, this stuff really work out. You can have a solid relationship with you partner, 100%. Don’t buy this false theory that long distance relationships always never work out. No, it works!

When there is true love, distance brings you closer”. No excuses

I have seen lovers being distant apart, million miles away but they still ended up being happily married couples for life.

And I also have seen couples 5cm closer but they failed to keep on with their relationship.

Have you tried to understand my point?

Distance means nothing if the two really know what they are standing for.

Going to be brutally honest here, I certainly sure that distance relationships are very tough to handle them but that doesn’t mean impossible and this is why I’m to show you what’s needed to keep him interested.

As someone who has enough expertise in dating advices I am going to give you some

Here are 6 proven ways how you can keep him interested in a long distance relationship

They work like magic!

Be Committed

Firstly, I have to say this if you are not committed then long distance relationship is not for you. Just find another business. Long distance relationships are for people who are ready to do whatever it takes to keep them healthy.

You need to show your partner that you are very committed and you don’t want to lose him and he also has to do the same. Be committed in such a way he will come to believe that you guys can overcome anything come on your ways

Develop the bullet proof consistency, be committed to the schedules and goals you guys need to achieve them. Modern day long distance relationships are failing simply because partners are not committed enough. Hang in there.

Take Advantage of Technology

If you are not taking advantage of technology like social media, you leave huge benefits on the table. Things are much easier now days with technology. You gotta take advantage of it to stay organized and connected.

Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Zoom, Myspace and clubhouse just to mention a few can all give you unfair advantage to win your partner’s heart and shorten the distance. Use them to your advantage

I would strongly advice to use video way in order to keep conversation special and make sure you use love language to set the tone in convo. You can even record yourself cooking and involve you man in the process. You can also stay in bed with your night dress and starting sexy conversations with your man. This is how you win him.

We re so much blessed now days all these stuffs were not around 20 years ago. Now we have it, let’s keep distance shorter.

Trust is Must

This is like oxygen to human being and plants. There can be no any relationship without it. This is why I will always keep saying that if you have trust issues then long distance relationships are no for you in the first place.

My message to all long distance couples is this, have trust in yourself and your partner. It’s all worth in the end trust me. The main reason why most of the long distance relationships are not healthy is this, Partners don’t trust each other.

It’s true that you might not be aware of all stuff happening to him where he is but that doesn’t mean you have to lose the trust. Once you lose trust automatically he will start lose interest in you. Just show him you have trust in what you guys are trying to build.

how to keep him interested long distance relationship
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Respect His Routine

I will explain this since most can’t comprehend and am going to be brutal honest here, being in a long distance relationship doesn’t mean you should be stubborn. Yes (a stubborn). You read it right. It doesn’t mean you should text him every second. Men don’t like that at all.

You have to show maturity, respect his daily routine, he is a human being he has other stuff to do and not yours in 24/7. If he his at school or working just give him a space. Start convo the exactly time you planned together.

Yes, you have to communicate for it to prosper but it has to base on quality not quantity. Nobody wants a stubborn partner who wants conversations every second. Ask what is his free time and then capitalize on that hours.

Surprise Him with Gifts

Being miles away doesn’t mean you should not be creative. Your goal is to make him thinking that you are the only one and nobody can take your place. If that’s the case then why you should not step in and play your part as a main girlfriend? Send him those presents. They add a lot in a LD relationship

Once you sending him presents you will keep him closer and create the strong emotionally bond that you really care and you are the only one. It’s like you trying to make a bold statement.

It hasn’t to cost you a lot of bucks, things like a simple shoes, T-shirt, a nice watch will mean something special to him.

Constantly Create a Sexual Tension

And this is where many folks fail. Once they start to experience the long distance relationship their sexual tension stops. A very first class mistake. What they fail to know is this, once you stop creating a sexual atmosphere to your partner he automatically starts to lose interest on you. Simple.

Whenever you get the chance to talk with him make sure you don’t hide your sexual feelings. Tell him what you really missing sexually from him, how much you love his game, what you have planned for him when you guys meet. This is how to make a man fall deeply in love with you.

If you will avoid sexual tensional stuff in your conversations it will be very easy for him to get lost and cheat you.


We are living in a very challenging times, long distance relationships are not for the weak hearted. Couples must be more than serious to make sure that they keep them healthy. They should invest enough effort and time. They should respect each other and their level of commitment must be out of this world. It’s true that long distance relationships are difficulty but not impossible.


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