5 Ways To Be A Very Dangerous Human Being

3 min readOct 20, 2021

They didn’t teach you these in school..

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You know what really baffles me?

Okay, I will tell you..

It baffles me to see we are living in a world which embraces the state of mediocrity than at any other time in history.

Pretty scary.

I’m not a mathematician, but if I will have to tell you the number of people who are living their lives with an easy mode, I’m certainly sure we are going to count until Jesus Christ come back. It’s massively.

A state of being normal, settling for less has been an order of the day to our society.

Society’s has embraced the comfort zone. It has got no any problem with that. A very state sad of affair.

Something needs to be done. Immediately.

And guess what? No one is coming to save you from all these.

You are on your own.

Save yourself by developing these key habits and becoming a dangerous human being.

Here are the 5 Ways to Become A Dangerous Human Being

1. Have a Workout Routine

This is straight forward as it gets, if you want to be a dangerous person with full potentials then you should start workout. It’s non-negotiable.

You should start doing this to be ahead of your peers who are yet not taking advantage of this.

Find yourself a local Gym in your street then hang in there. It will gives you a clear purpose in life, boost your self esteem and you will automatically look sexier 80% of the population who are wasting time gaming and netflixing all day.

What people don’t know is that, having a proper workout routine will always give you an unfair advantage over the entire population.

2. Always Mean it

Yeah, you should always do what you said you were going to do. Especially when it comes in accomplishing your goals. Be a monster when it comes to execution.

Execute your goals fearless. Take an answer for no one.

We are in a generation where people don’t like to pay the price for greatness. They all want instant results without doing the work.

Let this not be you please. Always trust the process and embrace doing the required work. Don’t skip chapters.

3. Don’t Give A F*ck

The title pretty much says it all. But I will reiterate just incase you might have missed it. Don’t give a f*ck especially about people’s opinions and external validations. This is how you become unstoppable.

Work on your life’s mission. Have zero regards on what they are saying or gossiping about you.

When you don’t care or react to BS, people get scared. They will start realize they have no control over your emotions. This is your ticket to freedom.

4. Constantly Creating Solutions

Listen to me very carefully on this one, never complain. Too many people constantly complaining, don’t be like them. Be different.

Abandon the victim mindset and adopt the growth ones. It will take you far in life. I honestly can guarantee you that.

You should always find ways to come up with clear solutions instead of being a complainer.

Create a monetizable solution. Sell it, laugh in the faces of complainers. Tat’s how you become a dangerous person. Nothing else.

5. Control Your Actions and Reactions

I have said it before and I will say this again here that, a person who has mastered self control is simply unstoppable. He is priceless.

We are living in a world where self control is a lost art. Everyone got temper, emotions every time. You need to master the art of self control.

Always be calm, watch how you react to things happening to you and I can honestly guarantee you that you are going to be a very dangerous person.




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