5 Secrets To Be The Woman Every Men Desire

6 min readOct 3, 2021

They pretty work well like magic..

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You know what feels really good?

I will tell you..

Being a woman every man desire to be with, at all cost. Whenever you cut across you appear to have all men attention. They all want to risk all just for you! Pretty amazing, right?

And you know what else feels really good?

It feels good to wake up every day and knowing that you are a kind of woman that any man would like to have. In other word you are priceless gem. A work of art!

Trust me on this one: if you think that is mission impossible to have those qualities that every man would want to see, you are absolutely wrong, You can have those qualities and you will be a kind of woman every man desired to be with.

So, the goal behind this post is to give you those A1 tips that needed to attract any man’s desire. It’s not even a rocket science,


Okay, Here is how you break the circle…

Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Firstly, I have to say this, men are not stupid, if you pretend to act like a robot they won’t afford to give you even a fraction of their seconds. Nobody wants to date a robot. So, here is what to do, just smile and don’t be too serious about life. We absolutely don’t like that.

A woman with a good sense of humor can have any man she wants on this planet. Why? simple. Men love woman who is constantly smiling and have positive outlook about life. So when they found someone who is always happy and positive to be with they will always want to establish a total dominance. If you acting like a robot you are going to have a very roller coaster ride in your love life, I can’t this enough.

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Have Your Own Set Of Standards

I’m always keep on saying this a woman with no proper set of standard can’t attract any man worth to be attracted. I can’t stress this enough. As a dating coach I have interviewed hundreds of men and whenever I ask them about what turned off to a woman they always saying this straight to my face: They just don’t want a woman who has no standards.

It’s simple, don’t over complicate this, set your own standards and let them plain know what you want from a man and how you would like to be treated. If they can then fine, if can’t it’s also pretty fine as well.

Standards will always send message to their subconscious minds that you are a woman of principle and value and trust me you will easily be a Centre of attraction.

Have a Bullet Proof Self Confidence

The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence. You must be confidently. A woman with confidence is sexy. Confidence is what really turn men on. Once a woman is confidently enough then attracting any man will be an easy task to do. Just a matter seconds.

Steve Maraboli was right when he said:

There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me that’s the true essence of beauty

So, the main point here has to be this, be confidently in your own presence, feel proud of who you are. Once you do, you automatically have a clear quality that any man desire for a woman.

Demonstrate High Level Maturity

There is no better secret to be a woman every man desire like this one. Trust me, no single man on the entire planet won’t admit this. Once you step up and bring your A1 game upstairs, game over. You have won men.

The reason why we have low value girls out there is come down to this, mostly are not matured enough, to put it simply majority of women are just girls. They are not bringing their A1 game when comes to being matured.

I will tell you this for free, if you will demonstrate high level of maturity in different angles of your life like on how you talk, make your own point of view, organize your stuffs and responding to criticisms, There is no way you will fail to not getting men desires out there. It’s scientifically proved.

5 Secrets To Be The woman Every man desire.
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Just Don’t Be Fake

I have probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours trying to figure out how a woman can have every man’s desire, and you know what I came to realize? It’s simply being REAL. Those who are not real are easily losing the battle. Pretty simple.

Like I am always keep on saying, Men are not stupid, once you fake they will easily notice and guess what, you won’t get the one you want. Nothing to hide here, just be you. Say what you feel and feel what you like. Let him decide how to deal with it. Those who are realest will easily recognize and be attached with you.

We are in a very biggest crisis recently, women are not real majority of them have two faces, it’s very sad state of affair to be honest. So, dare to be different, just be you, be real and unique. You will win in a log term. Trust me.

Always Dress To kill Not To Impress

The title pretty much says it all. But I’ will reiterate just incase you might have missed it. Always dress to kill not to impress. Simple. The goal here is to always be on your A1 dressing game. It’s not just about impressing fellas here it’s about sending a clear statement to them that you are awesome.

Impressing game is just for little girls, as a matured woman you need to go beyond that line. You might say men don’t like a woman who is constantly thinking about what to wear, well let me educate you here and listen to me very carefully it’s not about complicating your dressing game here, it’s about choosing kind of dresses that make you comfortable and sexy at the same time’ it’s about understanding what fits you well. This is how you get into every man desire. Nothing else.

“A woman is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed”. Coco Chanel


Like you have seen, being a woman that every men desire is not a rocket science as you might think of, it’s something attainable once you master the basics that make any woman attractive. Like I am always saying to be among the top you must always bring your A1 game at the table. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Always up your game and see how amazing you going to be in life.


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