5 Life-Changing Habits For An Amazing Life

3 min readFeb 16, 2022

And They Are Stunning…

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Mmmmh, where do I even start?

Okay, let me first tell you something you might not like to hear.

The modern world has turned countless men and women into horrible creatures. Scary, right?

We are now at an all-time high with low energy and depressive cases, obesity and divorces issues are above the roof.

The number of people that have been living their lives on an easy mode is staggering. It takes balls and self-awareness to decode the matrix.

Like I am always saying, the future is for those who will always understand the system and decode it unapologetically.

To have an amazing life is just a matter of choice, doing what 99% are not doing is how you get at it.

Are you ready to be on 1%? If you said yes then here are some proven ways.

Life-Changing Habits For An Amazing Life

Say No Unapologetically

Listen, the day you will start prioritizing saying NO to matters that have zero benefits to your personal growth it is the moment you will transform your entire life. This is a scientific-based fact.

Learning to say NO unapologetically is how you take back control and build your self-confidence. You are going to get much work done in a short time once you will have the grit to do so.

My entire life started to move on a very positive trajectory once I started to say NO without second thoughts.

Stay Hydrated & Have Enough Sleep

Look, staying hydrated and having enough sleep will improve your entire life more dramatically than you could ever imagine. Quit drinking alcohol and start prioritizing water, it is good for your kidney and digestive system.

Above all, make sure you get enough sleep as much as you can, at least 8 hours a day. Sleep well like a baby and when you are in bed leave your phone away. Just sleep.

Once you will prioritize doing these frequently, your physical and mental health will improve 10x better and you will be very productive being. They don’t teach these in schools. Learn.

Quit Excessive Gaming And Netflixing

I have said it before and I will say it again that, excessive gaming and Netflixing are serial dream killers. They are the main catalysts for procrastination and anxiety. The sooner you discover this the better.

If you want to have an amazing life then get rid of them immediately. Buy more books instead. You will never regret reading books, they will make you happier, wiser and richer. I can guarantee you that.

I transformed my entire life once I quit bullshiting and started reading these 3 books:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Man’s Search For Meaning By Viktor E. Frankly
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

Cutt Off Toxic People

Cutting toxic people in your life is how you take back control and live an amazing life. You will start moving different once you don’t let negative people rent space in your head.

It is much better to move solo than be associated with toxic people. They will make your life 10x difficult and worse once you tolerate them. Setting boundaries for these people should be non-negotiable.

My message to you is very simple, remove these people from your circle and see how your entire life change. This is a very important step for your future success.

Stop Watching Porn

The title pretty much says much it all, but I will reiterate it just in case you have missed it, STOP watching porn. That shit is too expensive for your soul. It has zero benefits to your personal development.

Porn will ruin your relationship, self-confidence and sex life dramatically. It will rob your energy and mess with your brain, man, it’s horrible. Stay away from it. RUN.

Again, cut it out of your life. Stop prioritizing it and always make sure you don’t have time for it. You deserve better.




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