4 Types Of Women I would Never Date

3 min readJan 29, 2022


And Here Is My Honest Opinion...

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I’m in my extremely late ’30s and clearly remember the time I was getting bombed with my previous relationships.

The number of women who used to piss me off was staggering. Some of my relationships life span were short-lived like morning sunlight.

In short, I was struggling to find a healthy relationship.

If it’s gone too far with me, I am pretty the 2000’s babies are screwed.

It took me a couple of years to decode the matrix and start enjoying a healthy relationship.

I am now a big fish in the ocean. My dating skin is thick. I know how these things move.

And that’s why I have decided to write this awesome article and give you an entire blueprint on what you should assess in a partner.

If I were to start dating all over… You would never see me dating these 4 types of women.

The 4 Types Of Women I would Never Date

1. Attention Seekers

I know this is going to be unpopular but I don’t care. Women who always wants attention in everything they are doing are not my cup of tea anymore. You don’t want to date someone who loves spotlights. Ask kanye!

I am ready to do whatever it takes to have a woman who is lowkey and calm the one who chases likes and retweets from strangers. If you want to have a clear balance and mental clarity in your life quit those attention seekers.

2. Women Who Settling For Less

The title pretty much says it all but I will reiterate just in case you might have missed it. I would never date a woman who embrace her comfort zone. Settling for less than she deserves.

You need someone who constantly pushing boundaries. Taking those calculated risks on a daily basis and always looking for more. That’s how you grow as a person. Growth is contagious.

Once you decide to date someone who embrace staying in the comfort zone, settling for less and wants instant gratification then you are going to be in a very developmental crisis as a man. Few will understand this.

3. A Very Talkative Woman

No matter what everybody says, the first thing I think you need to do as a man when it comes to picking the right partner is choose someone who is less talkative. A cool one.

Dating a woman who always speaks more than she listens to you is how you lose the battle before it even begins. You need a calm one, who listens attentively and is always ready to receive an opinion.

Most of modern days problems would easily wipe away once we will start to consider this feature. Having someone who interrupts you after every 4 seconds is just a turn-off. I will not explain.

4. Those Who Are Not Kind To Waiters

I know this may sound cliche but yeah it’s true. Kindness matters to me. It goes the long way. If a woman is not nice to the waiter then she is not on my bucket list!

As a man, you always have to pay attention to smaller details. The way how she treats those people who are not in your closer circle should give you a clear message.

If she is disrespected waiters then you are the next one. You don’t have to wait for more signs, boy. Leave.




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