4 Things I wish I Knew Earlier About Women

Sadly they didn’t teach me these in Higher schools..

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Women often find themselves more attracted to someone with the ability to understand them and take a bit advantage of that loophole.

It’s no surprise that some men often feel confused, unorganized and overwhelming when it comes to actually understanding women’s world.

I for one experienced such kind of situation until I came to know the real secret.

You may be one of these men who are still in absolutely darkness when it comes to understanding modern day women’ world. You can’t attract any single woman if you have zero skill in their zone.

Let’s be real here, the woman world can seem a bit confusing to the average man. That’s true, we don’t have time to sugarcoat stuffs here.

A Guy who is not always good at reading a woman’s mind always struggling to understand women.

He will end up getting disappointed, whenever he plan any mission to have quality women, fails.

Sorry to burst your bubble but that is the real fact.

And this is why the intention of this article is turn your world upside down waking you up and open your eyes plus giving you a fresh view of a modern day women’ world.

Once you have mastered the Do’s and Don’ts then you are going to have very unfair advantages. You will simply be unstoppable.

Having hustled for a while,

Here are 4 things I wish I knew earlier about women.

Complaining is allowed but Not Too Much

Being a man doesn’t mean you should always be a robot, you are allowed to express your feelings and emotions and women are very okay with that.

The only red flag will be when you will exceed that touch line. They are not well in good terms with someone who is constantly complaining.’

If you address a certain matter to them and you express you complains they will still be in a better mood to listen, but when you will constantly stress the same issue, you are going to lose respect in a second.

They Can’t Have Rules To Someone who is Jacked

I was struggling to date quality women out there for ages until I came to realize this magic component.

If someone is jacked and masculinity properly then women will have no solid rules for him. He will always have a chance.

Once I started working out for my body, I got jacked and I started to use Zero efforts in seducing women who were out my league. Things started to flow smoothly. It was just a matter of one call.

They Fancy Men With Solid Eye Contact than Those With 6 figures Bank Accounts

As a relationship expert I have been very fortunately to interview hundreds of beautiful women out there and whenever I asked them about a man who is their cup of tea they ended up mention the one who can maintain a solid eye contact.

It doesn’t matter how much you have in your bank account, if you can’t stare and look a woman straight to her face for some few minutes, you are not somebody special to them.

They want someone who can exploit their weaknesses. By looking them straight and command their attention.

They Need Ears Not Mouth

Back in the day when I was struggling to attract quality women around, I decided to chill and make some assessment.

I came to realize I used to talk too much whenever I got a chance to be in front of a woman. I changed that quickly then I became a monster.

When I started giving them enough time to express themselves while am listening attentively everything started to change.

I started to attract a lot of them. Everyone started to feel my presence and started to receive a true man respect. If there is one thing you need to understand is this, women always need someone to listen to them because they always have something to say. Be a ghost, listen them.

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